Be a man of Faith.

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THE LAWS OF FAITH. Rom 3/27, Rom 10/8-11.


1.     Faith has a language. Isa 7/7.

Faith says;

  • It is well.

  • I will make it.

  • I am the blessed of the Lord

  • Blessings and cursing is based upon your confession.

  • Confess your desired future Rom 10/9-10

  • When you speak you give angels assignment


2.     Faith has a spirit. Ps 27/1-3

  • Boldness.

  • Confidence.

  • Calmness.

  • Assurance

  • Certainty

  • Peace

  • Rest


3.     Faith has a mentality. Think Faith. Have faith mentality.

  • Possibility

  • Miraculous

  • Divine interventions

  • Victory

  • Mental image.


       4.  Faith sees differently.

  • Decide to make a different.


5.     Faith acts differently.


6.     Faith is not move in the face of challenges. Challenges are fuel for faith.


7.     Faith knows it will all turn out for good

  • Things will change for good.

  • Daniel and the lion.


8.     Faith has a lifestyle.

  • Practice the life of faith.

9.     Faith has a vision.

  • Does not deny the facts but transforms the fate.