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2010 Arise and Possess.

GERMANY CRUSADES: 12TH-15TH of May with pastor Lembe.

Gemeinde Arche der Allianz die Macht Gottes e.v Mitglied im Bund Pfingstgemeinde KdöR                       

Sitz: Lindenstrasse  26-28 , 53842 Troisdorf-Oberlar

  and 22nd-23rd with WITH PASTOR WERNER AND ELLA in Geldern.


World Vision International Worship Center, International Convention. 

Date: June 3rd-6th.

Venue: 4715 C Sellman Rd, Beltsville 20705 MD.

Tel: +1.301.937.1009


Speakers Includes:

1. Apostle Yemi Akinola- Lagos Nigeria.

2. Bishop Abraham King- Italy

3. Evangelist Evelyn Nojang-Cameroon

4. Bishop Bonnie Etta and many others.

With quests artists from Nigeria and Cameroon.




Pray for the harvest of souls:

If you can not go, SPonsor us; to do that which you would have loved to do, if you had the grace.

We are called for the harvest of souls.