30 days uncommon prayer guide

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Prayer works... Pray.


wvworshipcenter@yahoo.com, for your 30 days prayers guide for uncommon results.


Conference prayer line:

Mondays and saturdays. 9pm-10pm Eas..

Tel:{1}605.475.4875 and Access code. 631798#

For Couselling and preaching engagement contact:

001.240.6051521/ 001.301.937.1009

Just a call can change your destiny. Jesus is well able to change your situation and give you a testimony.

call and find answers to the most important issues of your life.

Plan to Visit cameroon for the world Vision school of ministry.

We live for God and for the salvation of mankind.

We  live for the healing of souls through the love of Jesus Christ.

We live as chennels of mercy and hope for the needy children and the poor amongst us.

We live to give a smile to a sad heart.

Join hands with World Vision Cameroon, we will help you fullfil your dream.

We will go where you can not go and do what you had in mind to do for the sake of Christ.Touch lives and give meaning to lives.

Heal the world, through love and care for the needy.


My testimony

I gave my life to Jesus Christ while i was still in college. i was invited by some friends for a gospel crusade, in my mind i had no idea of what Gospel crusade was all about.  as i got to the church, it was a small German building which can only seat approximately 40 persons. Every body was singing, smiling and clapping. i was so much touched by the song; "where will you spend eternity".  While the choir was singing this song, something happened in my heart. For the first time i had conviction of my sins, at the end of the service i responded to the alter call and gave my life to Christ, this was on the 21st of April 1984. Today i am a servant of the Lord, preaching teaching and healing lives through the love of Jesus Christ. Today can be your day of salvation. Ask Jesus to ome into your heart, ask Him to forgive you, Read your Bible and locate a living church for fellowship. May God richly bless you,

Bishop Bonnie Etta

To sponsor a child or pay school fees for a needy student contact:

tel: 001.240.605.1521/ 001.301.937.1009

           Love is care.